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Preserving Evidence after a Motor Vehicle Accident | 08.10.17

After you are injured in a motor vehicle collision, preserving evidence of the accident and your injuries can help support your position if you decide to pursue a claim against the at fault driver. It’s important to do this as soon as possible after the collision because circumstances can change quickly: the accident scene can […]


Spring Break is Here! | 03.15.17

Florida’s beautiful beaches and booming tourism industry welcomes thousands of spring breakers every year. While tourists are great for Florida’s economy, there are some consequences that result from hosting partygoers during spring break. As more drivers enter our Florida roadways this spring break season, the odds of a encountering a drunk driver are even higher. […]

New Year's Eve Photo

New Year’s Day is the Deadliest Day on the Road | 12.27.16

The last week of 2016 has arrived! As we look forward to celebrating the wonderful things 2016 has brought and happily ring in the New Year this weekend, Beltz & Beltz would like remind all of our blog readers about the danger of drunk drivers. Our lawyers are sadly familiar with the frequency and devastating […]

Snapchat Related Collisions are on the Rise | 11.29.16

The selfie of a teenager strapped into a gurney, with blood running down her forehead with the caption “Lucky to be alive,” quickly went viral after a teenager was involved in a collision in September, 2015. However, the selfie was not the most troublesome thing the Georgia teen used her cellphone for that night. The […]

Distracted Driving – Are apps to blame? | 11.15.16

The New York Times recently reported that 2015 marked the largest spike in traffic related fatalities in four decades. Sadly, the numbers so far this year are even worse. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the first six months of 2016, highway deaths jumped 10.4 percent, to 17, 775, from the comparable […]

Teen Driver

Teen Driver Week | 10.25.16

Family members of teenagers experience every emotion from panic to pride when their teen finally gets a driver’s license. In its efforts to promote safe driving habits among teenagers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) launched a new safety initiative, “5 to Drive,” and kicked off this week as the National Teen Driver Safety […]


Cyclist & Pedestrian Accidents Are on the Rise | 09.30.16

U.S. Transportation Secretary, Anthony Fox, has launched the Department’s “Safer People, Safer Streets Initiative” after the significant increase in bicycle and pedestrian deaths in the past year. An analysis of the state traffic fatality report has revealed that Florida has one of the highest number of pedestrian deaths in the nation. In fact, our Tampa […]


Tesla Autopilot Crashes: Who is liable? | 09.16.16

Earlier this year, Joshua Brown, a driver of a Tesla running on autopilot, passed away after a collision involving a tractor trailer on a Florida highway. This weekend, Telsa CEO Elon Musk announced a software update for its vehicles that significantly changes how autopilot works. Elon Musk said that the new software update is designed […]

Welcome Back to School

Welcome Back to School! | 08.15.16

Summer is officially over as many of our local area schools are back in session. With increased traffic on the roads shuttling little ones with eager minds, it’s important that we all realize our increased responsibility as safe drivers to keep kids safe as they walk or ride their bicycles to and from school. From […]

Have You Smoked American Spirit Cigarettes? | 08.05.16

These days there are constant reminders about the dangers of cigarette smoking at almost every turn; radio and television public service ads, billboards, bus stop signs, even live demonstrations sprouting up in major cities from the “Truth” campaign. The “quit smoking” ad campaigns along with an increase in public health initiatives and the popularity of […]

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