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October 2016

Dear Jennifer,

 I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time, expertise and diligence regarding my case.   Eight months ago, I wouldn’t have even thought about needing your services, but as you know, in August, my entire world changed when a casual, early morning motorcycle ride on Gulf Blvd almost ended my life when I was hit by an oncoming vehicle.  The accident resulted with a shattered femur, torn rotator cuff, broken eye socket, broken hand, broken spirit, broken pride, 3 weeks of hospitalization and 3 surgeries, which only then started my recovery.

My family and I were so impressed with your skill and care in dealing directly with us, as opposed to passing us off to a secondary associate.  Not only did you come and meet with us (we anticipated an assistant or paralegal) at the hospital with 24 hour notice, during my extensive recovery you came to my home multiple times to consult with me versus having me make the trip to your office from Largo to St. Petersburg.  That may seem simple to you, but for a person who was wheelchair bound for several months it means more than you know.  I was also relieved and surprised with your level of communication.  There was never a time that I could not reach you by phone directly with every question or concern that I had, especially considering this was the most unnerving experience I have ever had to go through.   

When my family and I first started to pursue legal action we were warned by many to ‘be prepared because these things can take a year or more’.  You were able to resolve our settlement completely in 3 months.  It is very clear that you know your craft and how to maneuver through the webs of insurance companies, hospitals and physicians networks.  I truly thought I lost everything I had worked so hard to achieve.

So once again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

~ Steve S.


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