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Better Courtroom Accommodations for Nursing Mothers

By May 1, 2019February 2nd, 2024No Comments
Better Courtroom Accommodations for Nursing Mothers

Courthouses throughout the U.S. lack the appropriate accommodations for nursing lawyer moms on the job. They have to turn to breastfeeding in public restrooms where the conditions can be unsanitary and the privacy is very limited.

Many women lawyers are calling for change at the lack of these accommodations. Where they have succeeded is getting the American Bar Association House of Delegates to pass a resolution that would encourage courts to implement lactation areas in courthouses.

Passing a resolution is just the first step towards change for nursing moms in courtrooms. What’s next? Get the key decision-makers on board for workable solutions that would accommodate moms who are lawyers, witnesses and jurors.

At Beltz & Beltz, we are compassionate lawyers. Nursing moms on the job deserve privacy and sanitary conditions for breastfeeding across the country. Learn more about what is being done in courthouses to help nursing mothers here.