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“Kept me up to date on my case. Explained complicated information. Kept me calm during the proceedings. Very helpful attorney to have. I appreciate all of your help.”

Rassie F. | July 2019

“Very personable, accommodating, knowledgeable, prompt. Would recommend to friends, clients and family.”

Brenda W. |  June 2019

“I hope I never need them again but if I do they will be the first ones I call.”

Robert D.  |  May 2019

“Thank you for guiding me through the most difficult time of my life!”

Paul C.  |  May 2019

“Excellent staff and very prompt, from the day I picked up the phone to call the Beltz Law Firm to assist me with my legal matter.”

Ruby B.  |  March 2019

“Always happy to help in a good time frame and attitude; I have already recommended Ms.Beltz and the firm’s services and continue to do so.”

Robert C.  |  March 2019

“Jennifer was very warm and had interest in helping me with my claim and put 100%+ time on my case.”

Jo Ann T.  |  February 2019

“My whole experience was so much easier on myself because of them. Beltz & Beltz, P.A., and company are very friendly courteous and clear. Their work is very thorough and they listen to your concerns with undivided attention. I contacted them after an auto accident (someone hit my car while I was driving it and proceeded to leave). The entire team was great. They answered my questions both by email and phone (as I live out of the area) and I understood the procedure from start to finish. They are very professional, responsive and patient. I’d HIGHLY recommend and would use them again if the need arises. Thank you so much Ms. Beltz, Ms. Scott, Lindsay and Ginger for all your help and attention.”

Renato B.  |  December 2018

“I am grateful that Ms. Jennifer Beltz has taken my case and worked with it diligently with utmost understanding and that every step taken was in the best of my interest and needs. Thank you so much for all the hard work and service you have done. I know every client that you take will feel the same way.”

Marlinda S.  |  November 2018

“Jennifer Beltz and her staff were wonderful from day one until my case was settled. They were caring and understanding. They always kept me updated and answered all of my questions – and I had many! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good lawyer – trustworthy.”

Margaret L.  |  November 2018

“Jennifer and her support staff are service-driven…though I’ve never had to go through a complex case (before), when I sought out Ms. Beltz’ expertise, she explained the process as it continued down the road.  Attorney Beltz worked with me as an important party – she always explained the implications for each decision I made. She respected my choices once I understood. She walked through fire with me and I’m forever grateful.  She’s sharp and intelligent as a tack. Her integrity in a challenging industry is a rare quality.”

Denise L.  |  August 2018

“My son, daughter and I were in a severe automobile accident, in which we were fortunate enough to meet Jennifer Beltz. She is an excellent attorney and compassionate person. She’s very easy to talk to and explains details well. I would definitely recommend her and work with her again.”

Eileen C.  |  April 2018

“Due to a horrific automobile accident, we met Jennifer Beltz. She is a very warm and compassionate person. Jennifer’s work was outstanding and she took the time to go over each phase of our claim. We would, and have, recommended her to friends and family.”

Cynthia D.  |  April 2018

“Ms. Beltz and her team are amazing. They go above and beyond. Thank you for all your help.”

Crystal M.  |  March 2018

“You came highly recommended and I can absolutely concur. Many thanks for the care and compassion shown to me.”

Jane V.  |  February 2018

“I was very pleased with the professional services that you provided.”

Brenda G.  |  January 2018

“They were wonderful and got the job done.”

Kelle D.  |  July 2017

“Truly professional and courteous service at all phases of the case. I will refer my loved ones if legal services are needed!”

Deborah C.  |  August 2017

“I am definitely recommending her to anyone I know.”

Denise P.  |  June 2017

“Jennifer Beltz was a true professional!!! She kept me up to date on everything with my case, returned my phone calls in a timely manner, and made me feel like she actually cared what I was going through. I would most definitely use her firm again! Thanks!”

Cynthia N.  |  June 2017

“Jennifer Beltz is a great and detailed attorney. My wife and I would recommend her to all of our friends.”

Larry W.  |  May 2017

“I would strongly recommend anyone to seek the Beltz Law Firm for more than exceptional service and respect. I am truly satisfied.”

Jose T.  |  May 2017

“Attorney Jennifer Beltz was wonderful. She always made me feel comfortable which helped me overcome being nervous. She made sure I understood what was going on at all times. I will make sure I refer all family and friends to her office.”

Patricia A.  |  May 2017

“Beltz & Beltz exceeded my expectations. Jennifer and staff were always very professional, helpful, and friendly. They treat you like family and not just a client. They take your case and concerns into consideration and do all they can to help with your case. Highly recommended!”

Kelly M.  |  April 2017

“I am satisfied with how my case was handled here and how easy they made this difficult time in my life. I could not have done this on my own and all the staff was attentive and responsive to my needs.”

Alexis V.  |  April 2017

“Dear Jennifer,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time, expertise and diligence regarding my case.   Eight months ago, I wouldn’t have even thought about needing your services, but as you know, in August, my entire world changed when a casual, early morning motorcycle ride on Gulf Blvd almost ended my life when I was hit by an oncoming vehicle.  The accident resulted with a shattered femur, torn rotator cuff, broken eye socket, broken hand, broken spirit, broken pride, 3 weeks of hospitalization and 3 surgeries, which only then started my recovery.

My family and I were so impressed with your skill and care in dealing directly with us, as opposed to passing us off to a secondary associate.  Not only did you come and meet with us (we anticipated an assistant or paralegal) at the hospital with 24 hour notice, during my extensive recovery you came to my home multiple times to consult with me versus having me make the trip to your office from Largo to St. Petersburg.  That may seem simple to you, but for a person who was wheelchair bound for several months it means more than you know.  I was also relieved and surprised with your level of communication.  There was never a time that I could not reach you by phone directly with every question or concern that I had, especially considering this was the most unnerving experience I have ever had to go through.

When my family and I first started to pursue legal action we were warned by many to ‘be prepared because these things can take a year or more’.  You were able to resolve our settlement completely in 3 months.  It is very clear that you know your craft and how to maneuver through the webs of insurance companies, hospitals and physicians networks.  I truly thought I lost everything I had worked so hard to achieve.

So once again, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Steve S.  |  October 2016

“The process was great and Jennifer was there the entire time to guide me. Everything was explained to me so I could understand. Exceeded my expectations.”

Shennice D.  |  December 2017

“Without Jenifer this (case) may have outlived me….I thank Jennifer and the firm for getting this claim put to bed.”

Bridget A.  |  November 2017

“The attorney representing Beltz & Beltz did an outstanding job.  She was exceptionally professional and knowledgeable about my situation. I would consider having her represent me again in the future.”

Philip O.  |  November 2017

“I appreciate everything Beltz & Beltz has done for me and my mom. They have changed our lives. I will always use them or refer them to other clients. Thank you!”

Cynthia Y.  |  December 2017

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