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How to Find a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Florida

By July 20, 2020February 2nd, 2024No Comments
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Slip and fall injuries are so common that they account for one million emergency room visits per year

Hiring a slip and fall lawyer is crucial if the details of the accident are unclear or if the property owner does not accept responsibility for its negligence. Below are some tips on when to hire a lawyer and how to find the best one for your needs.

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When You Should Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer

A slip and fall injury can happen in a matter of seconds, but the physical effects can be long-term. The common reasons for these types of accidents include slippery surfaces from water, ice or snow, walking hazards, broken or uneven floors, and poor lighting. 

If you experience a slip and fall resulting in a serious injury, contacting a personal injury lawyer ensures your rights are protected. He or she will conduct an extensive investigation where they determine negligence, which needs to be proven for you to get a settlement.

Your attorney will examine the accident location to find out whether it is properly maintained. During the investigation, they will ask if others previously reported the hazard and what you were doing when it happened. For example, did your clothes or personal items cause the fall? Were you distracted by something? 

A skilled personal injury attorney also compiles all of your medical costs and lost wages. Everything must be documented using employment and hospital records to make your case. 

Finding the Best Personal Injury Lawyers

As stated above, an experienced lawyer can help you win a case. But, how do you ensure that the one you hired is the best for your case?

Most lawyers work under a contingency fee, meaning they do not get paid unless you win. Yet you still want the right representation for your case. Always get a second opinion on your case before settling on anyone. 

Here are some specific questions to ask when trying to find a personal injury lawyer:

  1. Do you specialize only in personal injury or split your time between multiple areas?
  2. Do you have experience in the courtroom?
  3. Are you well-financed enough to be able to call in outside experts?
  4. Will you be truly committed to my case?

With nearly 80,000 practicing lawyers in Florida, there is no reason to settle for less than an experienced expert attorney. They should be able to give you straightforward answers before you sign the dotted line. 

Do Not Wait Too Long to Hire an Attorney

Are you seeking a personal injury lawyer in Florida? An experienced slip and fall lawyer knows how to investigate your claim, calculate your damages, and win your lawsuit. 

Never wait too long to contact a lawyer. Lost or forgotten evidence, as well as any statute of limitations, can derail your case. 

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