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Nursing Home Abuse

Nurse’s Assistant Accused of Leaving Facility to Go Clubbing

By August 8, 2019February 2nd, 2024No Comments
close up of elderly person's hands at an assisted living facility

O’Nesha Cherdele Cummings, 24, was arrested on Sunday night after leaving the assisted living facility she was working at. Cummings was a nurse’s assistant and was the only person working and caring for the residents, who were elderly and disabled individuals, at the time. Source.

According to the report, Cummings left the facility for over an hour to go clubbing. While Cummings was gone, one of the residents experienced medical issues and began screaming, which woke her roommate, who then called the police. 

Cummings returned to the facility after she was informed by a supervisor that police and EMS were there. She was interviewed once she returned to the facility and admitted that she was aware that what she did was wrong.

One of the residents at the assisted living facility had to be taken to the hospital. Cummings was charged with two counts of abuse or neglect of an elderly or disabled person and was released on $20,000 bail. For more articles like this one, visit the Beltz & Beltz blog section.

Instances like this one are reminders that, unfortunately, assisted living facilities are not always the safe places you expect them to be. If someone you love has been abused, injured, neglected, or died in a nursing home or an assisted living facility, contact Beltz & Beltz.

The attorneys at Beltz & Beltz have spent many years representing those injured in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. They know the ins and outs of the state’s standards and statutes governing these facilities and can help you get the justice your family deserves.