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Personal Injury Second Opinion: Top 7 Ways to Go About It

By April 17, 2020February 2nd, 2024No Comments
personal injury client seeking second opinion from lawyers

Every year in the United States, nearly 30 million people visit emergency departments as a result of personal injuries. Another 39.5 million personal injuries result in doctor’s surgery visits. If you have suffered a personal injury, you are not alone! However, it is important to seek proper care and support following one of these injuries. They often require recovery periods and can result in hefty medical bills or loss of earnings. In fact, the total loss of earnings and medical bills from personal injuries totals around $671 billion each year. This is why you should get a personal injury lawyer on your case as soon as possible and you should not settle for the first one you find. Getting a personal injury second opinion could make all the difference to the success of your case.

Want to know more? Then you have come to the right place! Read on to find out all about getting a second opinion on a personal injury case.

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Why Should You Get a Personal Injury Second Opinion?

Hiring a lawyer is the same as hiring someone to come in and fix your bathroom. The stakes are much higher, but the principle is the same. You want to be sure that you hire someone qualified and who will do a good job. 

There are currently 1.35 million lawyers practicing in the US, so you have a lot to choose from. You do not just want to pick the first person you speak to. There are several reasons for this. 

Firstly, they may not be great at their job. If you do not speak to other lawyers, you may only realize this once it’s too late.

Some personal injury lawyers target victims of personal injuries when they are vulnerable. They will approach you when you are in the hospital or when you are leaving. This is very unethical and can make you feel pressured to hire someone on the spot, so you want to avoid lawyers who do this. 

A good lawyer will outline the best strategy for your case using their knowledge of personal injury law. A lawyer who picks a poor strategy could cost you the case.

There are also several financial benefits to getting a second opinion.

If you hire a lawyer who does not get the job done, you could still face their legal fees. In that case, you will be even worse off than before and that is not something you want when recovering from a personal injury.

Checking out different lawyers may also mean you get a better deal on your legal fees. You will be able to compare the different services that lawyers offer you and decide what works for your budget.

With that in mind, let us take a look at seven things you should consider when looking for a second opinion on your case.

1. Where to Get a Second Opinion for Personal Injury Cases

The best way to track down second opinion personal injury representation is to get in touch with legal firms.

Ideally, try and find ones that offer free case consultation for second opinions. Doing this means you will be able to compare feedback from different lawyers with the advice you have already been given.

When you get in touch, make sure that you have the details of your case in front of you. To offer an accurate second opinion of your case, a lawyer will need a clear picture of what has happened so far.

It is a good idea to tell the lawyer the facts of the case and hear what they say before you mention your lawyer’s advice. This will mean that their opinion will not be influenced by your lawyer’s ideas. It also means that an attorney cannot try to poach your business by disagreeing with your lawyer’s advice.

2. Ask About Fees

If you do decide to switch personal injury lawyers for your case, then it is important that you always ask about fees in advance. The last thing you want is to switch lawyers and then find that you cannot afford your new one! 

Make sure that you are thorough about all the costs involved in your case.

Some lawyers will offer you fees that sound very low to reel in business. They will then start charging additional costs of administration or court fees. This is a sneaky way to charge you more while offering you a lower rate.

Make sure you get an outline of all lawyer’s fees in writing before you sign anything. Your lawyer should be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss them.

3. Look for Good Communication

Whether you have been injured on the road or while playing Pokémon Go, you need a lawyer who can provide good communication. This is vital to ensuring that your case runs smoothly and successfully. 

Your lawyer should continually update you on developments with your case. If it is taking a long time, they should still let you know what is going on regularly. At no point should you have to chase your lawyer up to find out what is happening. 

Poor communication could even mean that your case fails. If your lawyer does not tell you about an appointment or court date you could miss it completely. 

This is why you should opt for a legal firm that is on the ball with its clients. They should reply to your emails and return your calls quickly. They should also ensure that you only speak to the same few people at the firm each time, which brings us to our next point.

4. Ask About the Attorney Team

Most personal injury cases have more than one lawyer working on them at a time. A good legal firm should introduce you to the team working on yours. 

This means that you will always be aware of who you are communicating with and that the same people will always be working on your case. This is important as it will provide continuity for your case. This can help get your case over and done with quickly. 

If the lawyers working on your case switch around a lot this can waste a lot of time. People will have to familiarize and re-familiarize themselves with your case in order to make a tiny bit of progress.

5. Check Out Their Areas of Expertise

Before you seek a second opinion from a law firm, make sure that they have experience in your type of case. This means that they will be able to provide appropriate advice for your case that is informed by in-depth knowledge.

Some firms, for example, specialize in auto accident personal injury cases. This is great if your injury is a result of an auto accident. However, if it is a result of care home abuse then you should look elsewhere.

Asking for a second opinion from a lawyer who does not have detailed knowledge of your case’s area means they could give poor advice. You do not want to ditch your current lawyer for someone with less experience.

6. Find a Lawyer that Supports Your Doctor

Some lawyers will be very keen for you to seek a medical assessment from an independent doctor. There are several reasons for this. 

A medical report from an independent doctor will often stand up to scrutiny if your case goes to court. This is because it cannot be thrown out as biased evidence.

However, tracking down a new doctor can be tough when recovering from an accident. It may actually be in your best interest to continue using your regular doctor if you have one. They will have a detailed understanding of your medical history so they will be able to make informed diagnoses.

There is nothing stopping you from getting a second opinion from an independent doctor for your case. Just be wary of any lawyers who try to force you to give up a doctor that you have been using for years.

7. Speak to Previous Clients

Checking out feedback from previous clients is a great way to find the best attorney to give you a second opinion.

This will let you know if they live up to what they offer. This is an especially good idea if a law firm charges for a second opinion consultation. 

Look out for red flags, such as poor communication or high failure rates in their cases.

Make sure that you do not simply look at a law firm’s website for feedback. The testimonies they put up will almost always be favorable. It might take a little digging, but it is a good idea to seek independent feedback on the internet instead.

You should also remember that different clients’ cases may have affected their experience with a law firm. Where possible, try to find feedback from clients with cases similar to yours.

Get Your Second Opinion Today!

If you have suffered a personal injury then it is definitely time to hire a personal injury lawyer for your case. Make sure you look for a personal injury second opinion before hiring anyone if you want to find the best lawyer for you.

Keep these tips in mind and you cannot go wrong. For more help, get in touch today for a free second opinion on your case!