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Assisted Living Facility Residents Went Without Air Conditioning for a Week

By May 25, 2021February 2nd, 2024No Comments
Assisted Living Facility Residents Went Without Air Conditioning for a Week

Picket Fence Manor, located near Bartlett Park, recently had its operating license suspended after the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration discovered that the facility had been without air conditioning for at least one week, half of the bathrooms were closed, carbon monoxide detectors were missing, and ceiling fans were broke. The facility was also operating above its maximum capacity, housing 15 residents when their limit was 14. Source.

This was not the first time Picket Fence Manor has been cited with deficiencies. Since 2009, the assisted living facility has been given citations on five separate occasions. Past deficiencies include incomplete medical records for residents, failing to meet staffing standards, unsanitary living conditions, and more. 

During this most recent violation, which resulted in the facility being shut down, residents and staff members had been living with no air conditioning or operating ceiling fans for at least a week. During this time, there was no attempt to encourage residents to hydrate more frequently. At times, temperatures inside the facility ranged anywhere from 80 degrees to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Standard practice states that all long-term care facilities must keep indoor temperatures no higher than 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

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