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Consulate Health Care Services is Rebranding

By March 18, 2022February 2nd, 2024No Comments
Consulate Health Care

The sixth-largest nursing home chain in the nation, Consulate Health Care Services, has divided its Florida facilities into three separate companies following a bankruptcy filing and years of bad press. Source.

All three new companies still appear to be associated with Consulate Health Care Services, but many of their facilities in Florida have begun to change their individual names, erasing any association with Consulate Health Care Services. According to a receptionist at Consulate Health Care Services’ headquarters in Georgia, “Anything that’s outside of the state of Florida is still considered Consulate. Anything inside the state of Florida has been divvied up among Raydiant, Independence, and NSPIRE. But [Consulate is] still the corporate office for any of those companies”

This reorganization of Consulate Health Care Services Florida nursing home facilities has left many consumers in the dark as to what exactly is going on. The rebranding of the Florida nursing homes appears to be in name only. The staff, employees, and leadership are all the same, which has the potential to be problematic due to twenty years of negative press associated with Consulate Health Care Services. Now, when a consumer researches the “new” nursing home brand, those reviews and the bad press may not show up, even though the facility is run by the same company as before.

Among the bad press in Florida, many Consulate Health Care Services nursing homes in the state were almost shut down for providing poor patient care and safety violations in 2018. The chain was also one of the nursing home companies that was put under investigation by Congress over poor handling of the Coronavirus in 2020. Additionally, in 2020 the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a $256 million civil fraud judgment against the company, ruling that nursing homes had defrauded taxpayers by inflating bills for residents’ treatments. 

After filing for bankruptcy and supposedly separating the Florida facilities from Consulate Health Care Services, investigators found that out of 77 Florida nursing homes with active licenses, 76 still listed the Consulate Health Care Services headquarters in Georgia as their main mailing address, even after removing “Consulate Health Care” from their titles. This is important because, in the nursing home industry especially, mailing addresses are considered shorthand for determining the facilities ownership, meaning Consulate Health Care Services still appears to own these nursing homes.

This apparent rebrand for Consulate Health Care Services Florida facilities does not bode well for nursing home residents or their families. With the main leadership and staff still falling under Consulate Health Care Services, a new name will likely have little impact on the treatment of the residents. The personal injury attorneys at Beltz & Beltz represent those who have not been properly cared for in nursing homes throughout the state of Florida. Contact our office if a nursing home has mistreated your loved one. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys will fight to get your family the justice they deserve.