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Coronavirus Outbreak at Bon Secours Care Center

By June 26, 2020February 2nd, 2024No Comments
nursing home residents sitting in a group

Bon Secours Maria Manor nursing center in Pinellas was recently hit by an outbreak of Coronavirus, with nearly half of the residents testing positive. Source.

Under normal circumstances, residents who tested positive for Coronavirus were transferred to local hospitals. However, after transferring 13 COVID-19 positive residents, staff was told by the state to keep COVID-19 positive residents at the nursing home, and treat them on-site. According to sources, all residents of the memory care unit are being kept together, whether they have tested positive or negative for Coronavirus. The facility has been told by the Florida Department of Health to assume all residents have tested positive at this time.

So far, 68% of residents in the same wing of the facility have tested positive, and at least 13 employees have tested positive. Residents’ families are in distress after learning that those who tested negative are being kept in the same wing as those residents that tested positive for the virus. 

While this facility is taking into consideration the guidelines they have been told to follow by the Florida Department of Health, it is still unsettling to know that those who are COVID-19 negative are being put at risk by being kept in the same wing as positive residents. 

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