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COVID Cases Once Again Rising in Nursing Homes

By February 11, 2022February 2nd, 2024No Comments
COVID Cases Rising

The number of COVID-19 cases is once again rising, especially in nursing homes, with the spread of the new Omicron variant. Rising cases are leading to more restrictions on family visits, and the push to get staff members and residents fully vaccinated and boosted has been renewed. Source.

Because the new Omicron variant is more contagious than previous COVID-19 variants, nursing homes have experienced setbacks when it comes to visitors. While many nursing homes throughout the country had reopened to visitors due to the help of the vaccine, the new Omicron wave has nursing homes putting restrictions back in place for visitors. Nursing home officials are responding to the Omicron outbreak by limiting visitors to common areas instead of allowing them into residents’ rooms. Social distancing has also been reinstated, and some nursing homes are also requiring proof of a negative test before visitors can enter the nursing home.

With the new Omicron variant continuing to spread, and those living in nursing homes being one of the most at-risk populations, it is important to do all that we can to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. By setting restrictions like these, nursing homes are trying to keep your loved ones safe and protected from infection. But they are not always successful.

While these restrictions are an effort to keep your loved ones safe, it is still important to make sure your loved one is always receiving proper care. If you find that your loved one is not being properly cared for, the personal injury attorneys at Beltz & Beltz can help. Our team of attorneys has many years of experience representing the victims of nursing home abuse and will work hard to get justice for your loved one. If your loved one is suffering while in a nursing home, contact our office.

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