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Florida Has Highest Rate of Nursing Home Infections

By October 15, 2021February 2nd, 2024No Comments
Florida Has Highest Rate of Nursing Home Infections

During a four-week period from June to July, the state of Florida had the highest percentage of nursing homes reporting new positive COVID-19 infections among staff members, according to the AARP. Additionally, Florida has the second-lowest vaccination rates among staff members in the nation. Source.

AARP Florida State Director Jeff Johnson virtually guaranteed this spike in COVID-19 infections with the large percentage of unvaccinated staff members working in nursing homes in Florida, stating that “We saw this coming when it became clear that Florida trailed the nation in vaccinations of health care workers. Unvaccinated staff members living in communities with rising coronavirus cases make it inevitable that our nursing home residents will suffer.”

The national average of vaccinated nursing home staff members is 60.4%. In the state of Florida, only 45.1% of long-term care staff members are fully vaccinated.

The quick spread of the Delta variant is one of the main contributors to this surge in COVID-19 cases, with the new variant mostly infecting the unvaccinated. Because the elderly and individuals with pre-existing health conditions are the most vulnerable, nursing home residents and staff members were among the first group in Florida to be offered the vaccine. However, Florida is still lagging behind the nation in vaccination rates for these individuals, especially staff members. 

A mandate that requires all nursing home staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19 has been met with mixed emotions from those that will now be required to get the vaccine.

When you trust a nursing home to care for your loved one, you are trusting that the staff will do everything in their power to keep your loved one safe and protected. With nursing home residents being one of the most at-risk populations when it comes to COVID-19, the rapid spread of the Delta variant comes as a concern, as you want to make sure that your loved one is safe.

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