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Have You Smoked American Spirit Cigarettes?

By August 5, 2016February 2nd, 2024No Comments
American Spirit Cigarettes

These days there are constant reminders about the dangers of cigarette smoking at almost every turn; radio and television public service ads, billboards, bus stop signs, even live demonstrations sprouting up in major cities from the “Truth” campaign. The “quit smoking” ad campaigns along with an increase in public health initiatives and the popularity of e-cigarettes have been successful in reducing cigarette sales overall by 17%. However, there is one brand that has had an incredible growth in popularity despite all of the anti-smoking messages: American Spirit.

American Spirit Cigarettes

All Natural?

American Spirit cigarette sales grew more than 86% over a five-year time period. This increase in sales for American Spirit cigarette maker, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, and its parent, Reynolds American Inc., is due to the claim that their cigarettes are “all natural.” But, that is hardly the case.

There are about 600 ingredients inside a cigarette. Some of them are also found in rat poison, nail polish remover, and rubber cement mix. By using words like “all natural” and “additive free,” the cigarette maker has been deceptively labeling their cigarettes.

The Food and Drug Administration requires cigarette companies marketing an “a modified risk tobacco product” to file an application, backed by scientific proof. American Spirit failed to follow these basic FDA regulations.

Florida consumers filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company and its parent corporation Reynolds American Inc., based upon the company’s deceptive labeling practices on its American Spirit brand. The class is comprised of nationwide consumers who bought a package of American Spirit cigarettes based on the deceptive labeling.

Unfortunately, the fraudulent labeling of American Spirit cigarettes has led many consumers to believe they were not jeopardizing their health. In reality, these consumers were smoking a highly addictive product that increased their risk of lung and heart disease.

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