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Man Dies in Crash on I-4

By November 26, 2021February 2nd, 2024No Comments
Crash on I-4

A 65-year-old man died in a crash on I-4 after a pickup truck failed to slow down for stopped traffic and rear-ended the car he was riding in. The driver of the pickup truck was headed West on I-4 in the inside lane and failed to slow down for a line of traffic that was stopped ahead of him, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Source.

The crash ultimately involved four different vehicles. The pickup truck rear-ended the SUV, which was pushed forward into the car in front of it. The pickup then spun around the SUVs and hit another vehicle as well. The 65-year-old passenger in the first SUV was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died from his injuries. The driver in the SUV sustained minor injuries. No one else was injured.

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