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Nursing Homes Found Keeping Residents’ Stimulus Checks

By February 9, 2021February 2nd, 2024No Comments
elderly man in nursing home stimulus check

The Federal Trade Commission is warning nursing home residents and their families to “beware of ‘grabby’ facility administrators” as the latest round of federal stimulus checks is delivered. Source.

Lois C. Greisman, elder justice coordinator, found that some nursing home and assisted living facility administrators took their residents’ checks after the first round of stimulus money was distributed last May. This is illegal, as the stimulus checks are meant to go to the person, not the place in which they are residing.

According to Greisman, nursing home administrators were claiming that “because the person is on Medicaid, the facility gets to keep the stimulus payment.” However, this statement made by nursing home administrators is not true.

In May 2020, the Florida Attorney General’s Office issued a similar alert, warning nursing home residents and their families of this scam after the first round of stimulus checks was distributed. Attorney General Ashley Moody stated that, “As we have seen throughout this crisis, residents in these facilities are at a higher risk of suffering and dying from COVID-19 – they should not have to carry the additional burden of worrying about their stimulus money being taken by those entrusted with their care.”

It is recommended that, if your family member is residing in a nursing home or assisted living facility, it is important to reach out and check that they actually received their stimulus payment. If your family member has not received their stimulus check, it is imperative that you reach out to facility administration and ask if they are holding the checks.

Unfortunately, the distribution of stimulus checks has made residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities more vulnerable to financial abuse.  Be sure to check on your loved ones, and make sure they know the status of their stimulus check (and that their facility is not keeping it from them). 

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