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Preserving Evidence after a Motor Vehicle Accident

By August 10, 2017February 2nd, 2024No Comments
Preserving Evidence after a Motor Vehicle Accident

After you are injured in a motor vehicle collision, preserving evidence of the accident and your injuries can help support your position if you decide to pursue a claim against the at-fault driver. It’s important to do this as soon as possible after the collision. Circumstances can change quickly. The accident scene can be altered. Witnesses can be difficult to locate. Memories can become unreliable. Evidence can be overlooked or misplaced. Read our blog featured below on how to protect important evidence to support your injury claim after a collision.

Preserving Evidence after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Take Photos

After a car or motorcycle collision, make sure you take photos of the scene, including your injuries and any property damage to the vehicles involved in the collision. Often, clients will take photographs of their vehicle without taking pictures of the other vehicles involved in the collision. Make sure to get photos of your vehicle, all other vehicles involved in the collision, and if applicable, any property damage to light polls, guard rails, or surrounding buildings. Additionally, take photos of the scene of the collision if it is safe to do so.

Keep Records of Injuries

If you have visible injuries following the collision, such as bruising or contusions, make sure to take photos from the date of the injury and as you heal. We have had clients that end up with broken eyeglasses after the airbags deploy during a collision. If this happens to you, make sure to keep the broken glasses. Make sure to take photographs before getting the glasses repaired.

Call the Police

We encourage individuals involved in motor vehicle crashes to call law enforcement immediately. The law enforcement officers will investigate the collision. They will assist with the exchange of insurance information for the involved parties and document the scene. Make sure you obtain a copy of the driver’s exchange of information form and/or traffic accident report number.

If your injuries in a collision result in you having to take time off from work, make sure you document what days you missed as a result of the crash, and how much income you have lost. If you have to hire services to help you take care of your daily living activities after the collision, such as a dog walker or lawn care, make sure to keep invoices and proof of payment.

Always retain copies of medical records pertaining to your treatment after the collision. Medical providers can charge a pretty penny for copies of your medical records requested by other physicians or attorney’s office. Often, medical records provided directly to the patient are provided at a lower cost or free of charge.

Many times, those injured in a collision will go to the emergency room or an urgent care clinic for an initial evaluation of their injuries. Make sure to keep your discharge paperwork from the hospital or clinic so you can follow the emergency physician’s orders.

Although preserving evidence may be last on the list of your concerns after being involved in a crash, this information can help an experienced personal injury attorney evaluate your claim.

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