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Risks in Crossing Pinellas Roads

By April 8, 2022February 2nd, 2024No Comments
Pedestrian Deaths

Pedestrian deaths in Pinellas county rose from 49 in 2020 to 85 in 2021. The last time there were this many pedestrian deaths was over 15 years ago. Source.

In an effort to help reduce pedestrian deaths, Pinellas County has signed a transportation safety philosophy called Vision Zero, which is based on the principle that loss of life is not an acceptable price to pay for getting around. However, with the drastic rise in pedestrian deaths, Pinellas County seems to be headed in the opposite direction. 

Some likely factors contributing to the rise in pedestrian deaths in Pinellas County include speeding vehicles, poor lighting on roads at night, and location (low-income neighborhoods where walking or riding a bike are the only means of transportation for some). While these are not the only factors that contribute to a rising death toll, they are certainly not contributing to reducing this number. 

In an effort to try and reduce the number of pedestrian deaths, St. Petersburg police have taken part in the High Visibility Enforcement program, which uses data on when and where accidents are occurring to send out officers to distribute pamphlets on pedestrian safety, as well as hand out bicycle lights. And these efforts are helping turn the tide.  Since starting this program, pedestrian deaths are beginning to slow.  Accidents involving pedestrians are always tragic, as the car will always have the upper hand. Whether or not the pedestrian had the right of way, the pedestrian will be the one with significant injuries (or worse). The personal injury attorneys at Beltz & Beltz represent the victims and the families of the victims of pedestrian accidents throughout the state of Florida, and our team will work hard to get you justice. Our attorneys know just how dangerous the roads in Pinellas can be for pedestrians and will fight to get you justice when you are injured. If you or someone you know has been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact our office.

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