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Estate Planning

Seek Expert Advice When Creating Your Estate Plan and Will

By February 18, 2022February 2nd, 2024No Comments
Estate Plan

Creating an estate plan and will is one of the most critical things you can do for your loved ones. It is best to consult an attorney when creating an estate plan and will. Laws governing Wills vary from state to state. If you attempt to write your estate plan on your own, your loved ones may end up in court fighting over your estate. Additionally, an attorney may be able to assist you in protecting your assets from creditors after your passing. 

Hiring a Lawyer to Assist with Your Will or Estate Plan Gives Peace of Mind

By hiring a lawyer to help you with your estate plan and will, you can help your heirs avoid unnecessary hassles, and you gain the peace of mind knowing that your possessions and assets will end up in the right hands. If you choose to write your own will with no legal help, the probate court may misinterpret the actual meaning of the Will. An attorney will help you avoid mistakes that could completely change the meaning of your Will. Hiring an attorney will help ensure that your possessions and assets are distributed as you intended. 

Other Instances Where You Should Seek Advice from an Estate Planning Professional

Writing a will or estate plan is not the only time you should professional advice regarding your assets. You may elect to have a Power of Attorney or Health Care Surrogate to help you with certain transactions during your lifetime. A person cannot execute a Power of Attorney after they are incapacitated. Having important documents in place can help you avoid a guardianship, which can be an expensive and lengthy legal process. 

Ready to Hire a Professional for Estate Planning?

The attorneys at Beltz & Beltz will work with you to create a Will or Estate Plan that will hold up in court and ensure your beneficiaries receive exactly what you intend. With our lawyers assisting in the creation of your Will, you can rest east knowing that your estate will be distributed as you see fit. Contact our office today to learn how we can help you craft your Will.