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Auto Accidents

The Ongoing Problem And The Victims; Road Traffic Victims

By December 13, 2022February 2nd, 2024No Comments
The Ongoing Problem And The Victims; Road Traffic Victims

Recently, survivors, families, and safety advocates joined together in Pinellas County to observe the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims and call for change. Car crashes remain a major public health problem on a global basis, with an average of two people killed or severely injured by drivers daily in Pinellas County alone – a figure that demands urgent attention.

The Treasure Island Beach gathering was one of the thousands to take place nationwide and around the globe as communities demand an end to the fear they experience while simply trying to walk, bike, run or scooter. The sheer scale of these events makes it clear that Auto Accident and Car Crash prevention needs to be taken more seriously.

For instance, in Greece a hospital held a donation drive to boost supplies needed for supporting victims of Auto Accidents. Meanwhile, in Bangladesh, a candlelit ceremony was held in its capital. These events are a testament to the moral imperative that we ought to do more for Auto Accident survivors and their loved ones. Together we must remember those affected every day by Auto Accidents and strive for lasting change that will help prevent further tragedy. By coming together today we can honor remembrance by helping ensure a future with fewer Auto Accident victims. 

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